Step-by-step guide to reenacting the “Great East Coast Earthquake of 2011”

Step 1:  Grab a beer/pop/cup of Heinz ketchup/anything else that would be funny spilling all over somebody’s a$$.

Step 2:  Offer an unsuspecting, not-so-intuitive friend the liquid from step 1 and politely ask him/her to sit in a chair.

Step 3:  Do your best rolling thunder impression while standing behind the idiot in the chair.

Step 4:  Without warning, scream out “EARTHQUAKE,” aggressively yank the chair out from under your friend’s a$$…and marvel at the raw, unpredictable power of mother nature.

*For an extra bonus, capture it on video to share with your friends…and you BETTER share that sh*t with Burghlife, too!


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