Parking in dahntahn Pittsburgh is fun again!

Cheers to City Parking Authority officials for offering two much-needed changes to downtown parking.  First and foremost, the ridiculous 10 p.m. enforcement hours have been rolled back to 6 p.m. once again, so hug a loved one (or a complete stranger) in celebration of NOT needing to leave your favorite downtown haunt every two hours to fend off the meter maid/man.  And for those who park in Market Square for lunch or dinner, meters in that area will now allow for two hours of parking versus the previous one hour — which was hardly enough to enjoy a meal in one of the many great establishments in that area.  So show your support, BurghLifers!  Head downtown and feed the hungry Market Square meters, then go anywhere else in the city after 6 p.m. and rejoice in not feeding those meters (assuming, of course, that you can find one).