“Gun-totin’ Granny”: 75-y.o. woman pulls gun on Bethel Park POLICE OFFICER


Granny Gun

Image altered by BurghLife; Original courtesy of wickedreport.com

Apparently, needlepoint and home-baked goodies can only deliver so much satisfaction.  After that, you just need more.  Ask the “Gun-totin’ Granny” (as BurghLife is now affectionately calling her) — the 75-year-old spitfire who pulled a gun on a Bethel Park police officer last night. 

The officer was responding to a call about a neighborhood dispute, but in talking to the G-tG (who’s name was not released as of this morning), he got an unanticipated surprise:  a .38-caliber handgun pointed at his face.  Talk about sweet grandmas! 

Thankfully, nobody was hurt, and the 75-year-old — who, shockingly, is believed to have mental health issues — was taken into custody. 

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