Police pull man from car during light up night

Police rip this poor guy from his car during Pittsburgh Light Up night this weekend right by the Clemente Bridge, all because he was on his phone and didn’t listen to their “stop” command. Was this really necessary? And does it really take 3 policemen to take down one man? WTF!


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  1. I was 5 feet from this when it happened. The guy was trying to make a left at the Renaissance hotel onto duq blvd. He supposedly was a delivery guy from a local restaurant. There were people blocking the road and he started to go up the wrong way. The cops stopped him and he tried to back up, they stopped him again and opened his door and started screaming at him (pgh police for sure), then it looked liked he said something back and 3-4 cops pulled him out and put him on the ground then they hancuffed him and took him away. During all of this an enormous women cop- not sure city or port authority- either way she had no right to be a cop- started screaming yes yes….he does this every year, hit him, hit him. She was a real piece of s**t. Not sure how the same delivery guy comes to the same intersection at the same time every light up night. Anyway, they should have diffused the situation not made it worse, and she should be fired. Their actions really pissed off the crowd and could have caused a real riot. The ‘burgh needs to fire the over paid, over egoed, power hungry cops and make the city a more pleasant place to be. Love the city but a lot of the crowd needed to be dispursed and the roving gangs on Liberty Ave. publically getting high and trying to intimidate every white person over the age of 50 needed to be taken care of.

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