Zombie fans get together to save chapel from ‘Night of the Living Dead’

Courtesy of Lake Fong / Post-Gazette

Forty-four years ago, Gary Streiner was a 17-year-old kid standing in front of a ramshackle chapel building in an Evans City cemetery, helping to film a movie called “Night of the Living Dead.” These days, he’s the leader of a growing band of horror fans hoping to preserve the chapel building as a piece of movie history.

In September, the Evans City Cemetery Association granted Mr. Streiner’s request to try to save the structure, giving him one year to raise the estimated $50,000 required to repair the chapel.  The effort has drawn nearly 2,000 people to a Facebook page, where they share and execute fundraising projects including T-shirt and poster sales, customized zombie portraits and sales of pieces of the decaying chapel roof. About two months into the campaign, they’ve raised nearly $7,000. Updates on the fundraising efforts are on the group’s website: www.fixthechapel.com.