Pirates President Coonelly Charged with DUI

Pittsburgh Pirates president Frank Coonelly has been charged with four counts related to drunken driving in Ross. (OOPS!)

Ross Township police arrested Coonelly on Dec. 22 and charged him with drunken driving, driving the wrong way, careless driving and driving with a blood-alcohol content of at least .16, according to court records. The DUI charges are misdemeanors, while driving the wrong way and careless driving are summary offenses. (DRIVING THE WRONG WAY he must have been SMASHED!)

Coonelly said he was pulled over by the police just off the Parkway North`s Perrysville exit for the HOV lane. Coonelly said he made one turn and realized he was going the wrong way — about 5-10 feet, by his estimate (5 to 10 feet by his DRUNKEN estimate… RIGHT) — before making a U-turn (ILLEGALLY) and then came the PO-PO.  


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