Madonna’s 2012 tour coming to Pittsburgh…and a fun BurghLife poll!

The poll has been fixed, so vote away, people!


For the first time in 23 years, Madonna is bringing her world tour to the ‘burgh.  Nicely done, Pittsburgh!  You can read all of the details at the KDKA-TV website, so go there if you want…but all the cool kids are gonna want to stay here because BurghLife’s got a fun little interactive game we cooked up just for you!

We all know that Madonna is the queen of changing her image, but until BurghLife came up with this game, we had no effin’ clue how much that actually happened!  (Don’t believe us?  Google “Madonna through the years” and wait until you see the looks that come up, smart guy.)  So we chose eight of her looks for you to vote on — that’s right…you’re gonna tell us which Madonna look you liked BEST. 

Above is the gallery of images (note that there may be one or two thrown in that might not quite fit — gotta keep yinz on your toes!), each with a letter in the upper right corner from A to H.  All you have to do is go through each picture, choose your favorite look, then fill out the poll!  Fun, right?  RIGHT!  So Express Yourself (pun intended) — rate her looks, tell your friends to do the same…hell, even tell your Madonna Fan Club to, too…and we’ll all see which look BurghLifers like best.



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