Pittsburgh the New Hollywood?

– by Megan Joy Williams

If you seem to notice road blocks, cameras, and movie stars on your daily commute and think that you’ve somehow managed to travel to Hollywood in your sleep, fear not.

Over the past year, Pittsburgh, also now known to some as the “Hollywood of the East”, has become quite a hot spot to film movies. This probably has something to do with the “Pennsylvania Film Production Tax Credit Program”.  This program offers a 25 percent tax credit to films that spend 60 percent of their production budget in PA. While the tax credit is a nice perk, I think it’s fair to say that Pittsburgh also wins out over many cities in PA due to its gorgeous scenery. I mean, Mt. Washington is ranked as one of the best views in the country, who wouldn’t want that in their movie?

So what does this mean for Pittsburgh? Well extra jobs, that’s for sure. Currently, The Pittsburgh Film Office is looking to hire crew for two upcoming movies that are being shot here this spring. On top of that, one of the main things a movie needs is Actors, so if you’ve always dreamed of being in movies but didn’t dare make the move out west, you may finally get a shot to show your acting chops, or at least be an extra in a film and experience life on the set of a movie.

Over the past few years movies like, The Dark Knight Rises, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Warrior, Dogma, and numerous others have been filmed here in Pittsburgh. The number of films is sure to grow if that tax credit sticks around.

If you’d like to get involved you can check out http://pghfilm.org/. Maybe, you’ll get your chance at your 15 minutes of fame without having to move to California.


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