Workplace Ettiquette: STOP FLIRTING!

OK… so let’s be honest. We all have our preferences about the people we spend our time with at work… whether it be a smoke break, a coffee break or a “lean back and talk to your cube buddy” break… there are definitely co-workers that we tend to gravitate towards. The question really becomes; are we gravitating toward them because of their personality, their humor, their likeness to us?  Or is it because they are just plain FREAKING HOT! I’m sure in most cases (since the human race is about as shallow as a kiddie pool) it has something to do with their looks.

So… do what we do here at BurghLife. Grab a piece of paper, scribble “Stop Flirting” on it and pull that bad boy out every time you see co-workers talking. You will laugh your ass of while they get embarrassed. The redder their faces get the more likely they have chosen their chat partner because of his or her looks…


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