“I like beer.” New beer garden at Kennywood

For the first time since 1898, the historic Pittsburgh amusement park plans to sell beer. Kennywood plans to sell beer in a fenced in “beer garden” near the lagoon. Unfortunately they are going to enforce that all beer sold and consumed will happen in the “beer garden” and will not be allowed to be taken to other areas in the park. By the way, BurghLife voted for drinking and riding, but the park authorities didn’t seem to  agree.

Kennywood officials said that requests to sell beer have been one of the most common requests over the years… (ah dah, go figure, all those kids screaming, yelling and running around like a bunch of wild animals would make me want to down a few brewskis as well).

KDKA asked a local Pittsburgh park-goer, John Rezes, what he thought of  the idea. “I think it’s a good idea,” John said. KDKA went on to ask him why and he simply replied “I like beer.” 

Only in Pittsburgh John… we like beer too.


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