Pittsburgh Bottleshop Cafe – BurghLife Approved!

The Pittsburgh Bottleshop Cafe is a great social hot spot in Collier Township ( Collier Town Square Plaza close to Chartiers Valley High school) to sit back and down a couple of the world’s finest beers. The Bottleshop Cafe features over 400 beers with 31 of those on tap.

The atmosphere is open and friendly, with a very large wrap around bar with plenty of seating on either side. The food was great and their french fries are out of this world. I suggest the Caprese Chicken Sandwich, or if you’re looking for a taste of awesomeness with a little spice, try the Chicken Magma Wrap.

Their service was also what one would expect; our waitress was very personable and stopped by often to make sure our drafts were full which is a MUST to be BurghLife Approved.  (OK she was also super cute which made the experience even more enjoyable.)

We even got to experience some free unexpected entertainment;  some random dude came running outside on his cell phone screaming obscenities to whomever was on the other end… we all expected it to be a girlfriend/wife. It lasted for a good 5-10 minutes each time. It’s always nice to have a little pre-dinner comedy!

Over all… the Pittsburgh Bottleshop is a GREAT place for a couple brewskies or to have a bite to eat. Sit outside and take in the local entertainment (can’t promise the obscenties) or go inside to watch a sporting event on one of their several flat screens.


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