IC Light Mango Billboard Interview


If you recall, IC Light Mango hosted a contest last year during a bar crawl in Oakland. The winners got to appear on the next IC Light Mango billboard. Each participant was required to create their own billboard caption as an entry. Iron City representatives then selected the winner. You might recognize this billboard around town. What you might not realize is that the people on the billboard actually live and work here in Pittsburgh! How cool would it be to say you’re on a billboard? Pretty awesome if you ask us! We had a chance to ask Danielle Slover, the female pictured on the billboard, a few questions about entering the contest, her thoughts on Pittsburgh and how she’s dealing with her new found fame.

Iron City Nation: How did you come up with the idea for your billboard?
Danielle Slover: The idea for the billboard was either Matt’s or Ryan’s (the other two pictured). I don’t recall which. I’m sure they will both argue over the credit for that one. I did choose the pose though. It seemed to fit the slogan appropriately and was fun.

ICN: How did you find out about the contest/bar crawl?
DS: I bartend at Peter’s Pub in Oakland during Friday happy hour. That Friday, Ryan and Matt came in and told me that IC Light Mango would be in shortly for a bar crawl. I didn’t participate in the fun until I got off work around 9. I met up with the boys at P Caf and that’s where we submitted ourselves.

ICN: Have people recognized you from the billboard?
DS: One of the Doctors at my other job recognized me. That was really cool. Also, Matt and I went down to the CoGo’s one saturday and asked a lady pumping gas to take our picture in front of the billboard and she started freaking out. She thought it was awesome. I really enjoy driving past them. Puts a little smirk on my face every time.

ICN: What is your favorite Iron City product?
DS: My favorite Iron City product is in fact the IC Light Mango. It is light and refreshing and perfect for hot weather days. A bar in the South Side, Local, has created a mixed version of it where you tip it upside down into a margarita. They call it the MangoRita, it’s amazing.

ICN: What is your favorite thing about Pittsburgh?
DS: I like that it’s a city with a “small-town” kinda feeling. There is a lot to do and anywhere you go you can be sure to run into someone you know. I am not from Pittsburgh but the city certainly holds a lot of pride and it’s nice to be able to take part in that. With all of the Superbowl rings and Pitt athletics and now the Pirates in first place it makes for a lot of entertaining tailgates and celebrations. I currently live on Mount Washington and the view up there, morning or night is absolutely breathtaking.


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