Pittsburgh “Radler” Bike Tour



Something new for the members young at heart will be organized for Saturday, August 11. Biking the Pittsburgh Bike Trails and getting to know Pittsburgh from the saddle of a bike.

The Teutonia “Radler” or bikers (wives, children and friends can take part) will begin the tour at the Teutonia at 11:00 am with guides to lead the bikers. We will have a lunch stop at the Hofbräuhaus where you might enjoy a Radler and small lunch, if the weather cooperates in their Biergarten. After we have nourished ourselves, we will continue the ride ending up at the Teutonia in late afternoon. We will have a special dinner prepared for us and also every biker (Radler) will receive a special T-shirt (see graphic in the image above) commemorating our first Pittsburgh bike outing. Dress code will not be enforced, come as you are.

The very popular Gaudi Buam will entertain us in the Ratskeller, all this for $25.00 per person. Tickets will be available at the Teutonia when we reopen the club after the summer cleanup on July 18. Since this is a limited amount of people we would like to sell the tickets in advance.

The club would like to know how many bikers would like to attend. Please fill out the form here in order to RSVP. or for reservations or additional information call Willi Banzhaf at (724) 523-6311.


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