New! BrrghMan’s Official Theme Song

Mere words aren’t enough to describe BrrghMan the Snowdude — if anyone needs a theme song, it’s that (sexy) guy.  But he’s not the only one who wins by having his own theme song…we all do!  Why?  Because BurghLife is EXTREMELY pleased to announce that this song will end up winning more Grammy* awards, Video Music Awards*, and all other awards/accolades than any other song in the history of awards shows*!  Awards.  Awards.  Awarrrrrds.  Clearly, we can’t get enough of that word.  Anyway, BrrghMan…AND BrrghMan’s billions/tens of adoring fans…this one’s for you.

*As predicted by BurghLife.

“BrrghMan the Snowdude Theme Song” copyright 2012 by BurghLife, including all lyrics and music.  All rights reserved.


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