To Couch or Not To Couch

BurghLife Note: “To Couch or Not to Couch” was written before the world temporarily ended on the evening of 6/7/2013, so we apologize for any sensitivity surrounding the Pens. Counseling/therapy/meds are available upon request.

On Monday night, I went with my sister to watch the Pens game on the big screen outside CONSOL. Usually I keep up on the latest Stanley Cup events from on my couch, but watching on the big screen — in a crowd of fans, knowing the game so close — takes the experience to a whole different level.

In a way, people make the Fan Zone their second home. They bring blankets, lawn chairs, even snacks…and they coach the game with the strangers sitting next to them. This one group of guys (who became my new best friends) decided to up the ante more by bringing their own couch. This was not just any couch, but a pull-out couch complete with flower pillows and flower sheets.

What makes the Fan Zone even more of a home is the sense of community. Although the game itself took an unfortunate turn for the worse seconds after the puck dropped, it was comforting to be with so many others who felt your pain. My (best) friends with the couch knew how to make the most during a painful situation. I hope they inspired others and that we’ll be seeing a lot more couches at the Fan Zone in the coming seasons.


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