Where’s the “Yinz?”

The latest link I’ve seen making its way around the internet is a list of 22 maps that shows how terminology and pronunciation vary throughout the country.


Looking through the map, it’s clear to see that Pittsburgh proudly shows the nation the correct way to say things. The generic term for a carbonated beverage is “pop.” The long sandwich that contains cold cuts, lettuce, and so on is a “hoagie.”

But when it comes to the question of “What do you call a group of two or more people?”…something is wrong. YINZ ISN’T AN OPTION!!! How can this now-questionable “authority” claim to represent the country without presenting every option? Makes me want to ask “What’s wrong with YINZ?!?!”yinz

OK, seriously now…these maps are pretty fascinating, so take a look through to see how strangely the rest of our country talks.

NOTE: At the end of the slideshow, there’s a link to the full 122-question survey with the disclaimer that only the top four answers are shown on the group map. Trying all of the links in the disclaimer, I found the original map provided where both “yinz” and “you’uns” are options. I bet if the survey combined the two, our beloved region would be proudly represented on the group map. Maybe next year, Pittsburgh!

122 Question Survey


Original Map



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