They Get It

You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours...

You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours…

Over the past month, our BurghLives have been consumed with securing the best discounts possible for the BURGHBAND program.  We’ve been visiting, emailing, tweeting, Facebooking — everything short of singing telegramming (and that may be incorporated into our next phase of solicitations) — all with the goal of adding so much value to the BURGHBAND that Pittsburghers feel like they have no choice but to purchase!  After all, it’s for a great cause: BurghLife’s donating $1 from every BURGHBAND sold to the Animal Rescue League…and we really want to make a substantial donation to this excellent organization.

Back to the solicitations…

We at BurghLife are extremely proud of the discounts that we’ve lined up thus far, and that’s not a pat on our backs (well, maybe a little)…it’s a HUGE thanks and shout-out to the businesses in Pittsburgh that get it:

  • They get that Pittsburgh is one of the most tightly knit communities in the country.
  • They get that the Animal Rescue League is a pillar of the Pittsburgh area, operating since 1910 to protect and provide shelter to our area’s four-legged friends.
  • They get that supporting their city is the right thing to do:  for the good of not only their business, but for the vitality of Pittsburgh as well.

What else do they get? BurghLife’s full support, because we’re making a conscious effort to patronize and promote those who participate in this program (as well as our other activities).  We’re excited about the BURGHBAND program, and we strongly believe in “having the backs” of those who have ours.  It’s important to us to show these businesses how much we appreciate them, and we want them to succeed.  You, our awesome BurghLife audience, also deserve to know which establishments support what we’re doing to make Pittsburgh an even better place to live…so we’ll be sharing regular updates of the establishments that both agreed and declined to participate.

These businesses get it, BurghLife gets it, now all YOU need to do is get it (a BURGHBAND, that is) — so get yours right here to show your support of the ‘Burgh!


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