Passage to Pittsburgh

The city seen from the Queensboro Bridge is always the city seen for the first time, in its first wild promise of all the mystery and the beauty in the world” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

I recently went to see The Great Gatsby for the second time. Considering the cost of movies in theaters these days, paying twice to see any movie may not seem to be practical…but my love of the book (and Leonardo DiCaprio) trumps rising ticket prices. I read the book in high school and have been excited since I first heard they were doing a remake.

If you’re looking for a perfect retelling of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, I recommend saving money and watching the 1974 version with Robert Redford on Netflix (as I mentioned in my earlier post, I’m addicted to Netflix). BUT if you want to be transported to the lavish party atmosphere of the 1920s, then this is the version for you. Although I don’t mean to say the current movie strays completely from the original novel… in fact, some of the lines — like the quote above — come straight from the book.

In the opening quote, Fitzgerald is of course referring to New York City… but this perfectly sums up my feelings for Pittsburgh when driving over the Hot Metal Bridge. I’m sure the same can be said of numerous other passageways to downtown, but my first memory of the city of Pittsburgh is driving over the Hot Metal Bridge. When I was young that bridge meant exploring a new place. As I got older the city held onto its beauty. After moving into Oakland the bridge means even more to me. Not only does it connect me to Pittsburgh, but it also connects me to Pitt and all the wonder and promise that comes from college life.

Hot Metal Bridge happens to be my “Queensboro Bridge” but there are many passages to Pittsburgh. Which route makes you see Pittsburgh the first time or every time? Is it seeing the city driving down 279? The view coming out of the Fort Pitt Tunnel?  Use the comment section below and let us know what “wild promise” Pittsburgh brings you. We’d love to see your feedback!


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