Supporting the Cameroon Football Development Program

BurghLife donated t-shirts to a Pittsburgh-based non-profit organization called the Cameroon Football Development Program that uses football (soccer) as a way to teach Cameroon youth about critical issues that will affect their future.  The tees reflected the organization’s travel from “Pittsburgh to K-Town.”  K-Town is a term used for Kumba, a town in the Southwest Region of Cameroon, Africa. The management team was very grateful of our support and sent us several pictures and a thank-you letter, which is included below. Learn more about this great organization and how you can provide support — visit their website at www.cameroonfdp.org


Dear Burghlife.

To you, we really want to say thank you for the support you offered to us with the T- shirts. In fact, words alone cannot express how thankful and grateful we are for your kind gesture. This equipment is being used to encourage all our management team members  who show great passion and devotion in the activities of Cameroon Football Development Program (CFDP).

Talking about CFDP, we are a baby organization based in the Southwest Region of Cameroon, in Kumba precisely, using football as a sustainable means to provide education on health issues like prevention of HIV and malaria and life skills topics to enhance the capacity and leadership abilities of our kids. We combine the game of football (soccer) which all of the kids love with guided discussions by our trained staff and volunteers. With CFDP, youth can learn about critical issues which affect their future in an atmosphere that makes learning fun…

Once again we want to say thank you for all your support, indeed it is going to be a big boost to the entire management team members .

– CFDP Management Team



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