It’s important you know… the non-supporters of BURGHBAND

As you might imagine, we have been putting a tremendous amount of effort into our BURGHBAND™ Discount Program. In a perfect world every business that we approach would jump on board and offer a discount to the hard working Pittsburghers that spend their hard earned money. Sounds logical right? Well even with the great advantages of supporting the BurghLife BURGHBAND Program including offering YOU guys (the people that keep those said businesses in business in our great city of Pittsburgh) a small token of appreciation in the form of a discount, some businesses just choose not to participate. We thought it was VERY important to share that information with you. We’re not telling you to boycott any of the businesses named below or to stop enjoying the services that they offer  – we’re just… well… telling you.

It’s also important to state that these businesses did in fact say NO. We have several businesses that are sitting on information that was left behind, a voice mail that was never returned or an email that has yet to be answered. Once we receive confirmation we’ll add them to the list… again… so you  know.


  1. The Cheesecake Factory – South Side.  “We never, EVER, give any discounts.” – Hmmm… never, EVER, EVER or just never, EVER?
  2. Hofbräuhaus – South Side. “We will not be able to participate at this time.”  – I see… is there a better time outside of the next 6 months?
  3. Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza – Pittsburgh locations. “We don’t offer any discounts outside our weekly specials.” – We were counting on them with their ties to Pittsburgh, it’s really too bad.


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