New Video and List: Top 10 Yinzer Breakup Lines

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If yinz ever hear one of these lines, you know you’re in the ‘Burgh (or you’re getting dumped by a yinzer)!  But hey, who needs that jagoff anyway?  BurghLife recommends you celebrate your new independence with a plate of fresh pierogies and a nice, cold Arn City.

Here’s the list broken dahn for yinz:

Top 10 Yinzer Breakup Lines

10. It’s not you, it’s your beer. Leinenwhat? Iron City or die!
9. Your Steelers/Penguins/Pirates loyalty is questionable…and if you aren’t loyal to them, how can you be to me?
8. It’s too embarrassing that your only black and gold clothing is a bumblebee costume from Halloween ’09.
7. You refill Heinz bottles with a lesser, inferior ketchup…as if I wouldn’t notice.
6. After living here for two years, you still can’t pronounce Sahth Side or Mahnt Warshington the right way.
5. You order your Primanti’s sandwich without slaw. WTF?!?!
4. My Terrible Towel isn’t a “rag,” it’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever had in my life. Yes, including you.
3. You crossed the river to go to Giant Eagle when we already have a Giant Eagle right here.
2. I can’t be with someone who views Mrs. T’s as an acceptable pierogie option.

And the #1 Yinzer Breakup Line is…
1. You fell asleep during the Zambelli fireworks display. Unforgivable.



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