F the “Breaking News” aht there. BURGHING NEWS is all yinz need!

BurghLife BURGHING NEWS Breaking News from the Burgh Pittsburgh

Announcing BURGHING NEWS, a new feature from BurghLife that brings you the most important, late-breaking headlines about our fine city.

We’d love to write more, but there’s too much news out there that needs our attention…which we’ll get to right after a quick nap.

Got an idea for a great BURGHING NEWS headline?  Share that shiz with us below and maybe we’ll feature YOUR headline…giving you bragging rights for your friends/family/potential hookups.  Yeah, baby!  

If you have a Twitter or Instagram username and you want us to tag you on our post (if your headline’s chosen), include that with your submission, too.  You can also tweet us @BurghLife or tag your headlines with #BURGHINGNEWS.  So many options for yinz aht there!

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