2014 BURGHBAND Charity Chosen!

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BurghLife is proud to announce the selection of our 2014 BURGHBAND charity: the Shaun Pamfilie Memorial Scholarship.  BurghLife was lucky enough to meet and interview Shaun a few years back for a video that we created to feature Casey’s Draft House, so this is a scholarship that’s “near and dear” to us (as well as to Casey’s, a great friend and supporter of BurghLife).  Complete details on this scholarship are below, along with some information on Shaun.

Shaun T. Pamfilie

Shaun Traian Pamfilie is missed dearly by his family, friends and anyone who had the privilege of meeting him. Shaun passed away at the age of 34 from natural causes, but his legacy has just begun. Shaun’s enthusiasm for life was contagious and his spirit will live on forever. We thank you in advance for your consideration for a donation to the Shaun Pamfilie Memorial Scholarship…either by purchasing a 2014 BURGHBAND or donating directly to the scholarship.

The Shaun Pamfilie Memorial Scholarship creates a permanent funding source that grows over time and supports Robert Morris University students, giving them the chance to learn, grow and succeed at RMU and beyond. The Shuan Pamfilie Memorial Scholarship begins to generate student awards once it reaches the required $25,000 endowed level. Pledges toward this goal can be made monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

Last year, our BURGHBAND program raised $250+ for the Animal Rescue League…and — in honor of Shaun — we would love to raise even more in 2014!  You can help by purchasing a BURGHBAND (which grants you ONGOING access to great deals across town) and spreading the word for friends and family to do the same, or by donating directly to the scholarship.  Thank you — we look forward to Pittsburghers contributing to another successful BURGHBAND campaign!


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