CALLING ALL PITTSBURGH-AREA BUSINESSES: Free publicity, participation in the 2014 BURGHBAND program…and support a great cause!

cant think of whyBurghLife is now accepting applications from Pittsburgh-area restaurants, bars, clubs, retail shops, bowling alleys, entertainment venues, etc. for inclusion in our 2014 BURGHBAND discount program.  Last year, we sold 250 BURGHBANDS (for the very affordable price of just $5 each) AND we donated $250+ from those sales to the Animal Rescue League — but we hope to sell even more in 2014!  We also had 30+ venues on board, which was EXCELLENT for our first year…but again, we’d love to get 40 or 50 this year!  So visit www.BurghLife.com/BURGHBAND for all of the details, and help us do some good for our 2014 BURGHBAND charity as well as Pittsburgh-area businesses…and spread the word to other business-owners, too.  Thanks!

businesses get on board

YOUR NAME: __________________________________________________________

YOUR EMAIL: __________________________________________________________

YOUR PHONE: __________________________________________________________

YOUR BUSINESS NAME: ___________________________________________________

DISCOUNT/DEAL YOU’RE OFFERING (MINIMUM OF 15% SUGGESTED): _____________________________________________________________________

NEIGHBORHOOD YOUR BUSINESS IS IN/ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________________________

WEBSITE ADDRESS FOR YOUR BUSINESS: __________________________________________________________

All we ask from our participants is understanding of the following:

  • Your discount needs to be valuable enough to attract customers (5% off isn’t valuable, and $5 off a $100 check isn’t, either);
  • This is a “show your BURGHBAND discount” – so there is nothing to scan or collect (like a coupon), and you must be able to work with that; and
  • BURGHBAND-wearers can use their bands REPEATEDLY during the promotional period (June 1-December 31, 2014) to get your discount.  So if Joe Burgher shows up at your establishment every day with his BURGHBAND, he can get the same offer.  (Though you’re also permitted to limit to certain days of the week or other stipulations, if you’d prefer.  Click here for samples of our current discounts.)

Please send this information to the email address listed above.  By emailing your discount/deal information to BurghLife, you certify that you are an authorized representative of your business to make this offer, and you agree that this is a contract obliging you to participate in the BurghLife BURGHBAND program from June 1 (or current date, if after June 1) through December 31, 2014. Participation is subject to BurghLife approval. BurghLife reserves the right to reject or request modification of any participation requests.  

THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST!  We hope to include you in this excellent program.


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