BurghLife FM: Show 002 (“I Seen It,” The South Side and Works, Waffles INCaffeinated, Sexting, Siri’s Bad-Ass Stepsister Miri Interview, Naked Celeb Pics)

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Here are some of the topics Koz and Goldie cover:
Waaaaay too many people say “I seen it” – and it needs to stop • Remember when cell phones used to be GIGANTIC? • EXCLUSIVE interview with Miri, Siri’s bad-ass stepsister • Which do you think is more of a waste to teach in school: spelling or math? • Everybody says that we need to try Waffles INCaffeinated, so we’re going to, damnit! • We all text…but do you SEXT? • South Side and the South Side Works • That person in your college computer lab who used to chat all day in sex chat rooms • Celebrities being REAL dumb and sending naked selfies • Have cell phones annihilated our social skills? • Yinzers are perhaps a little TOO comfortable in their own parts of town/tahn • and more!

Not sure what BurghLife FM is, or just looking for a few quick soundbites? Check out these clips from episode 2:




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