Submit YOUR Questions for Barbara Johnstone, the Authority on Pittsburghese!

BurghLife FM Guest Dr. Barbara Johnstone, Authority on Pittsburghese -- Submit YOUR Questions!

We are both honored and PUMPED to have Dr. Barbara Johnstone — Professor of Rhetoric and Linguistics at Carnegie Mellon University — join us as our very first BurghLife FM guest! Barbara will be stopping by BLFM HQ tonight for a discussion on the best subject ever — Pittsburghese.  She’s widely regarded as the authority on this dialect, as evidenced in the many articles and videos linked below.  But just in case those aren’t enough, Barbara is also the author of Speaking Pittsburghese: The Story of a Dialect (Oxford Studies in Sociolinguistics, 2013), 100% solidifying her expert status.

As an early holiday present, we’re offering YINZ the opportunity to ask this Pittsburghese authority questions on the subject!  Please send your relevant questions no later than 4:30 p.m. EST today, 12/16/14, to Koz at burghlife dot com or Goldie at burghlife dot com (sorry to spell ’em aht, but it’s the only way to trick them jagoff spammers).  We’ll be recording the episode tonight, and releasing the show within the next few days/week…so stay tuned ‘n ‘at!  Following our recording session, we’re all heading to a Pixburgh icon — Beto’s Pizza, since Barbara has yet to experience this deliciousness (and Koz and Goldie are pretty much obsessed with Beto’s!).  Can’t wait for what’s sure to be a great night…

Check aht these videos and articles that feature Barbara’s vast knowledge on Pittsburghese (and these are just a sampling; trust us, there are a LOT more!):

How it all began! BLFM’s clip on Pittsburghese, which we sent to Barbara inviting her to be a guest:



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