BurghLife FM: Show 004 (Pittsburghese Interview with Dr. Barbara Johnstone, the BIG 2015 SnowCrawl Bar Tour Announcement!, Koz’s and Goldie’s Christmas Traditions, Shopping on Christmas Eve, Stocking Stuffers)

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This is the show we’ve been waiting to record! Koz and Goldie had the pleasure of sitting down one-on-one (well…two-on-one) with Dr. Barbara Johnstone, the AUTHORITY on Pittsburghese (best subject ever)!!! We asked Barbara all sorts of questions, including some that YOU all sent in.  And believe us, you’ll be surprised by some of the answers.  These include:

– Were you aware of Pittsburghese prior to moving here?
– What’s it like to be known as the authority on this subject?
– Which Pittsburgh word do you find most intriguing?
– Is removing “to be” a Pittsburgh-only thing?
– Are Pittsburghers more obsessed with their speech than those in other areas of the country?
And much more!

This interview was an excellent experience for Koz and Goldie, and we thank Barbara once again for joining us — hope you all enjoy the result.

Other topics in this show include: Details on the 2015 BurghLife SnowCrawl Bar Tour — finally released! * Koz and Goldie discuss holiday/Christmas traditions * Are YOU finished with your holiday shopping yet? * People (OK, fine — guys, primarily) who wait until Christmas Eve to shop * Soup made with…sauerkraut juice (mmm) * Stocking stuffers * and more!

Check these clips from show #004:


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