BurghLife FM: Show 005 (My Thai Restaurant in Dormont, New Music from Pittsburgh Band The Delaneys, Urban Dictionary Quiz, New Year’s Resolutions, If Miri Were an Electronic Scale, Pet Peeves like People Talking During Movies in the Theater)

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If yinz missed us half as much as we missed you, then this has to be the best relationship EVER. We’re back for 2015 with a brand new show, chock full of goodness for your ears — including some kick-ass new music from Pittsburgh band The Delaneys! Other topics include:

Delicious Pad Thai from My Thai restaurant in Dormont (highly recommended!) * Koz and Goldie quiz each other on some hilarious Urban Dictionary definitions (such as “food press,” “work hot,” and more!) * If Miri were an electronic scale * Pet peeves, like people who don’t say “God bless you” after you sneeze, wearing socks with sandals, turn signals that NEVER stop, talking during movies in the theater, etc. * the epic movie Office Space…which we apparently saw in the theater together (though Koz can’t remember — no surprise there) * and more!

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