NEW! BurghLife Bulletin


BurghLife is @#%#in’ PUMPED to announce the launch of our brand new publication, the BurghLife Bulletin! Professionally designed and beautifully printed in full-color by Minuteman Press, the Bulletin is designed to inform and entertain you without taking up too much of your time.  A new Bulletin will be available every other month, so never fear, baby — it’ll keep you warm on those cold winter nights AND cool on those hot summer days…and, uh, a comfortable temperature in the spring and fall. Damn, that was a #SeasonalFail — so let’s just move on…

Printed copies of the January/February 2015 issue are currently available at the locations below, and the electronic version/PDF is right here.  Looking to advertise?  We’ve got some affordable advertising rates for the Bulletin AND BurghLife FM, too! We’re also looking for other cool places to display these beauties…so if you wanna get some for your patrons to enjoy, send a quick email to koz AT burghlife DOT com.

We’re just getting started, but so far, you can pick up printed copies at:

Crazy Mocha
South Side Works location

Kiku Japanese Restaurant, Station Square
Literature table outside restaurant


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