BurghLife FM: Show 006 (Super Bowl XLIX, New England Deflateriots, Halftime Show/Katy Perry/Lenny Kravitz, My Thai Restaurant Yet Again, Breast Feeding, Childbirth, Snow Days, etc.)

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Koz and Goldie are back with an all-new episode of BurghLife FM! We start off talking about the Deflateriots…sorry, PATRIOTS winning Super Bowl XLIX, then get into all sorts of fun and funny topics, including:

Did Katy Perry lip sync some of her halftime performance? * Goldie’s obsession with Lenny Kravitz * Remember when snow days/cancellations actually required snow? Not any more * Koz and Goldie return to My Thai for more delicious cuisine (and outstanding service!) * Childbirth and all of the fun that accompanies it * The great breast feeding debate * Fifth grade girls handing out phone sex chat lines at recess * and more!


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