BurghLife FM: Show 009 (Co-host CC joins Koz!, Our Recent VEGAS Trip, Orange is the New Black – Season 3 Soon!, McDreamy is McDead, Muscato Vodka, Spice Girls, Hakuna Matata, Pittsburgh Marathon, Bruce Jenner, etc.)

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In this episode, Koz was joined by the multi-talented CC, and the good times just kept on keepin’ on! Good friends for years, Koz and CC recently visited Las Vegas for a trip to remember. They discuss that trip and a whole lot more over CC’s DELICIOUS signature drink, Muscato Vodka and Cranberry! Why not fix yourself one right now and listen? Other topics include: * Our wait’s almost over for season 3 of Orange is the New Black! * Grey’s Anatomy: McDreamy is McDead * Random Spice Girls, Madonna, and Sophie B. Hawkins “tributes”(?) — which were largely due to the vodka * Oh, and a touching duet of “Hakuna Matata” * How ’bout that Bruce Jenner? * Pittsburgh Marathon and How Much Those Runners Rock * Meeting Single People in the ‘Burgh * and more!


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