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A lot of you have asked us, “Hey yinz guys, how do I get my Pittsburgh-lovin’ hands on a BurghLife license plate?”  We’re happy to announce that your wait is over — because the official BurghLife License Plate is here!  Printed on aluminum, this plate shows off our very cool BurghLife logo, and it’s a great gift for anyone who’s proud of their Pittsburgh roots…including YOU/YINZ!  Attach to a car or hang it on a wall in your home/office; either way, it’s a kick-ass (and affordable) way to show everyone how you Live it. Love it. BurghLife™ — order below now, safely and securely through PayPal for only $19,99 $15.99 (20% off), which INCLUDES shipping and handling!

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Official BurghLife License Plate Specs: 12″w x 6″h, printed on aluminum


BurghLife FM: Show 005 (My Thai Restaurant in Dormont, New Music from Pittsburgh Band The Delaneys, Urban Dictionary Quiz, New Year’s Resolutions, If Miri Were an Electronic Scale, Pet Peeves like People Talking During Movies in the Theater)

Download or stream show #005 below:


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You can also listen to the full episode on YouTube (and check out the clips below):

If yinz missed us half as much as we missed you, then this has to be the best relationship EVER. We’re back for 2015 with a brand new show, chock full of goodness for your ears — including some kick-ass new music from Pittsburgh band The Delaneys! Other topics include:

Delicious Pad Thai from My Thai restaurant in Dormont (highly recommended!) * Koz and Goldie quiz each other on some hilarious Urban Dictionary definitions (such as “food press,” “work hot,” and more!) * If Miri were an electronic scale * Pet peeves, like people who don’t say “God bless you” after you sneeze, wearing socks with sandals, turn signals that NEVER stop, talking during movies in the theater, etc. * the epic movie Office Space…which we apparently saw in the theater together (though Koz can’t remember — no surprise there) * and more!

Check these clips from show #005:



BurghLife FM: Show 004 (Pittsburghese Interview with Dr. Barbara Johnstone, the BIG 2015 SnowCrawl Bar Tour Announcement!, Koz’s and Goldie’s Christmas Traditions, Shopping on Christmas Eve, Stocking Stuffers)

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You can also listen to the full episode on YouTube (and check out the clips below):

This is the show we’ve been waiting to record! Koz and Goldie had the pleasure of sitting down one-on-one (well…two-on-one) with Dr. Barbara Johnstone, the AUTHORITY on Pittsburghese (best subject ever)!!! We asked Barbara all sorts of questions, including some that YOU all sent in.  And believe us, you’ll be surprised by some of the answers.  These include:

– Were you aware of Pittsburghese prior to moving here?
– What’s it like to be known as the authority on this subject?
– Which Pittsburgh word do you find most intriguing?
– Is removing “to be” a Pittsburgh-only thing?
– Are Pittsburghers more obsessed with their speech than those in other areas of the country?
And much more!

This interview was an excellent experience for Koz and Goldie, and we thank Barbara once again for joining us — hope you all enjoy the result.

Other topics in this show include: Details on the 2015 BurghLife SnowCrawl Bar Tour — finally released! * Koz and Goldie discuss holiday/Christmas traditions * Are YOU finished with your holiday shopping yet? * People (OK, fine — guys, primarily) who wait until Christmas Eve to shop * Soup made with…sauerkraut juice (mmm) * Stocking stuffers * and more!

Check these clips from show #004:


Submit YOUR Questions for Barbara Johnstone, the Authority on Pittsburghese!

BurghLife FM Guest Dr. Barbara Johnstone, Authority on Pittsburghese -- Submit YOUR Questions!

We are both honored and PUMPED to have Dr. Barbara Johnstone — Professor of Rhetoric and Linguistics at Carnegie Mellon University — join us as our very first BurghLife FM guest! Barbara will be stopping by BLFM HQ tonight for a discussion on the best subject ever — Pittsburghese.  She’s widely regarded as the authority on this dialect, as evidenced in the many articles and videos linked below.  But just in case those aren’t enough, Barbara is also the author of Speaking Pittsburghese: The Story of a Dialect (Oxford Studies in Sociolinguistics, 2013), 100% solidifying her expert status.

As an early holiday present, we’re offering YINZ the opportunity to ask this Pittsburghese authority questions on the subject!  Please send your relevant questions no later than 4:30 p.m. EST today, 12/16/14, to Koz at burghlife dot com or Goldie at burghlife dot com (sorry to spell ‘em aht, but it’s the only way to trick them jagoff spammers).  We’ll be recording the episode tonight, and releasing the show within the next few days/week…so stay tuned ‘n ‘at!  Following our recording session, we’re all heading to a Pixburgh icon — Beto’s Pizza, since Barbara has yet to experience this deliciousness (and Koz and Goldie are pretty much obsessed with Beto’s!).  Can’t wait for what’s sure to be a great night…

Check aht these videos and articles that feature Barbara’s vast knowledge on Pittsburghese (and these are just a sampling; trust us, there are a LOT more!):

How it all began! BLFM’s clip on Pittsburghese, which we sent to Barbara inviting her to be a guest:



Brian O’Neill: Effort can be summed up in a ‘j’ word

Yinzers proud of their dialect n’at

Expert says fewer folks use Pittsburghese? Git aht!

Oral History: CMU linguistics professor charts the city’s history through its language

Does Pittsburgh have America’s ugliest accent?

Steeltown award-winner ‘Franksgiving’ ready for premiere

Entry for jagoff, on Wikipedia

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editor bans ‘jagoff’


BurghLife FM: Show 003 (Toenail Collections, Falling Dahn in Public, Bootcamp HELL, Social Media BurghLife Style, The Pioneer Woman’s Recipes, the Miracle that is DVR)

Download or stream show #003 below:

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You can also listen to the full episode on YouTube (and check out the clips below):


Here are some of the topics Koz and Goldie cover:
Richard Gibson and his collection of nail clippings (in a jar. Since 1978) * Goldie’s spill in front of Prantl’s bakery…but the ladylock was OK, thank God * Koz’s most embarrassing moment * How do people live without DVR? * A tantalizing analysis of social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram * The posting of recipes on Facebook * Goldie’s admiration of the Pioneer Woman * Drinks in restaurants are WAY too expensive (like our dads used to say)!

Not sure what BurghLife FM is, or just looking for a few quick soundbites? Check out these clips from episode 3:



BurghLife FM: Show 002 (“I Seen It,” The South Side and Works, Waffles INCaffeinated, Sexting, Siri’s Bad-Ass Stepsister Miri Interview, Naked Celeb Pics)

Show #002 is ready for you to download or stream below!:


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You can also listen to the full episode on YouTube (and check out the clips below):

Here are some of the topics Koz and Goldie cover:
Waaaaay too many people say “I seen it” – and it needs to stop • Remember when cell phones used to be GIGANTIC? • EXCLUSIVE interview with Miri, Siri’s bad-ass stepsister • Which do you think is more of a waste to teach in school: spelling or math? • Everybody says that we need to try Waffles INCaffeinated, so we’re going to, damnit! • We all text…but do you SEXT? • South Side and the South Side Works • That person in your college computer lab who used to chat all day in sex chat rooms • Celebrities being REAL dumb and sending naked selfies • Have cell phones annihilated our social skills? • Yinzers are perhaps a little TOO comfortable in their own parts of town/tahn • and more!

Not sure what BurghLife FM is, or just looking for a few quick soundbites? Check out these clips from episode 2:




BurghLife FM: Show 001 (Pittsburghese, Beto’s Pizza, Bathroom Etiquette, etc.)

The wait is over — BurghLife FM is here!  Check out the first episode below…

Download to your phone, computer, or other device so you can listen any time, or stream right now with this player:


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Full episode on YouTube:

Topics include:

  • Pittsburghese and the yinzers who speak it!
  • Do YOU clip your fingernails at work?
  • WHY THE F#@% do so many of you ladies put on makeup while you drive?
  • And guys who shave on the way to work…seriously?!?!
  • Export, PA and Penn-Trafford High School (Goldie’s Burgh background).
  • North Hills and North Allegheny High School (Koz’s Burgh background).
  • Goldie introducing Koz to the deliciousness that is Beto’s Pizza on Banksville Road…
  • Koz and his inspirational struggle with “Hot Feet Syndrome (HFS).”
  • How Koz and Goldie met at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown (UPJ).
  • Koz’s radio show on WYEP-FM.
  • The Phrase that Pays and this week’s BLFM Burning Question on Pittsburghese.

Plus so much more!  So don’t be a jagoff…let us know what you think in the comments below, on our Facebook page, or via Twitter or Instagram (@BurghLife on both), and thanks for listening!


BurghLife FM Phrase That Pays



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