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About us - Burghlife

BurghLife is all about living and loving life in Pittsburgh – through action-packed social events, ‘Burgh-inspired T-shirts and apparel, and creative ideas that encourage social interactions among the city’s inhabitants, businesses, and fans.

Check out some of the pictures from our past events by visiting the Burgh Events page. And if you’re a fan of partying in the ‘Burgh like we are, enter your email into the Event Email List and we’ll keep you updated about future events.

For those traditional types out there, you can also drop us a line via Facebook, Twitter, or shoot an email to:


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BurghLife.com – Founded August, 2010.


  1. Single Dad who still likes to have fun…may be able to help market your events too.

  2. So , I just moved back to Pittsburgh last year and this group looks like a lot of fun. I signed up on twitter but how can i sign up for the events or be part of the group. Your information will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks n’at,

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